Using IBM Db2 LUW as a source for AWS SCT

27 July,2022 by Tom Collins

Thinking of migrating DB2 LUW to AWS ?  AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT)  is useful for the health assessment & schema conversion .   For a deeper dive into AWS  SCT use the link below in the useful links section

The AWS SCT tool only supports DB2 LUW as a source  , not as a target database.    A typical scenario may be AWS SCT DB2 LUW to PostgreSQL migration 

To setup a source connection to a DB2 LUW server and database

Step 1 : Download valid drivers to connect to the server and connect to the database . This link will take you through to an AWS page listing links to drivers sources . Look for the Database Engine - IBM Db2 LUW.   Drivers - db2jcc-db2jcc4.jar

Downloading the required database drivers 


Step 2: Add the correct file path reference in the AWS SCT Global Settings for the DB2 driver path 



Step 3:  Privileges for DB2 LUW as a source  & Connecting to Db2 LUW as a source    use this link to the AWS site  to detailed information 

Using IBM Db2 LUW as a source for AWS SCT


Useful links 

Dive deep into database migration services AWS DMS and AWS SCT

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