How to check DB2 LUW database write suspend state with db2pd

23 May,2017 by Tom Collins

DB2 LUW write suspend state is commonly checked during a splitting of mirrored database.I’d like the flexibility of checking via the db2pd monitoring tool, How can I get the output in db2pd to check if a DB2 database is in the write suspend state?

Answer: There’s a couple of different things you can check in this situation. The db2pd tool will allow you to check and report on the database configuration and to identify if the database is in write suspend state.

This command will return the relevant information. Check for the item “database is in write suspend state”

db2pd -db MYDB -dbcfg

Another thing you may want to check if the database is active. Essentially you’re checking if there are any connections. Use:

Db2 list active databases


If you'd like to read more about using db2pd , here are some posts which will assist in explaining db2pd option

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