The great Windows or Linux debate for DB2 LUW

04 May,2016 by Tom Collins

I manage large DB2 servers on Windows and Linux , so I’m confident both OS platforms can support installations with large data sets and high end throughput. But believing DB2 will perform exactly the same on both Windows and Linux  without some analysis is a recipe for problems.    There  are some considerations when planning switching or deciding between DB2 or Linux or Windows.

  1. Scriptability of DB2 on Linux versus Windows. If migrating from Linux – you may have a large shell script library which manage Linux and commit the flow control . There may be considerable work to adapt these scripts into a Windows supporting scripting language There are platform agnostic tactics – such as Perl DBI .On Windows you can use CMD (fairly limited), VBScript and Powershell. There is also the more exotic possibility of CLPPlus.

         Powershell has lots of cmdlets and is very powerful on the Windows platform. I use it for managing DB2 on Linux but only as a method to trigger and gather data from Linux servers. For example DB2 – How to pscp from the command line

         2.Historically DB2 on the Windows 32 bit was a headache – a fair degree of Windows trickery was required to extract. Since Windows 64 bit – life has become a lot easier for the DBA managing DB2 on Windows.

          3. Weigh up the full Total Cost of Ownership :

             - Backups  - Does the Enterprise backup platform support DB2 the same across both OS platforms? If you happen to be using TSM , than it's very well integrated into DB2 .

             - Monitoring

             - Active Directory Integration - There are plug ins on Linux but I've found AD and ADSI are easier to implement in Windows

            - Scheduling – Cron versus Winnows Scheduler versus other scheduler such as Autosys

            - Alerting via email or pagers

             - Different tuning configurables on Windows versus Linux . Linux and Windows are different OS software platforms. They both have specific configuration tuning considerations. Good quality Linux or Windows Administrators can assist greatly in architecting a reliable platform

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