How to put TSAMP into maintenance mode

23 May,2016 by Tom Collins

A common problem for managing TSMAMP DB2 high availability is how to deal with non DB2 maintenance. An example is OS patching.

Let's say there is a 2 node clustering architecture set up. The OS administrators will want to patch the servers, but there is a requirement to maintain uptime on the DB2.

If using TSAMP a straightforward plan, could be based on these steps

The basic idea is to change the Automation mode to manual mode .

# samctrl –M T

  • TSAMP will continue to monitor the resources . It will execute the monitoring scripts related to the  resources
  • Step 3 : To check the current automation mode

# lssamctrl

You can also use the lssam command. A status line appears indicating Automation=manual.

Step 4 : Re – enable automation mode (Automation = Auto)

#samctrl –M F


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