How to reconfigure DB2 after a Windows Hostname change

16 March,2016 by Tom Collins

If DB2 LUW is installed on a Windows server and there is a Windows Server host name , the services supporting DB2 will not start. Some changes need to be made to allow DB2 to start.

You will see errors in Event Logs some examples may be :

The DB2 - DB2COPY3 - DB2-0 service terminated with service-specific error %%-1022.

The workaround I’ve used to allow DB2 LUW 10.1 and above is :

>> Find and open db2nodes.cfg . Using a text editor change the old host names to the  new host name

>> Open a Windows cmdline and execute:

db2extsec –r
db2extsec /a DB2ADMNS /u DB2USERS

>>Restart the server

In case you’re wondering about the purpose of db2extsec ,then the reason is there is a security feature which prohibits you from making the registry changes.   Using the commands relating to db2extsec completes similar to below

>> Open Windows cmdline and open “regedit”.

>>In regedit the following keys values need to be changes. You’ll need to change the reference to the old Windows hostname to the new Windows hostname


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