SQL0670N - The row length of the table exceeded a limit of "32677" bytes

25 February,2016 by Tom Collins

Question : The row length of the table exceeded a limit of "32677" bytes. can you give me some advice on

how to deal with this problem?

the error code associated with the message is


I'm using DB2

Answer: Without knowing any extra details , I would guess you are attempting to add a column or extend

an existing column which is causing the size to be greater than 32768 bytes. 

The way you approach the problem will depend on what you are attempting to do. For example, if you are executing a create\alter on a table, then use a tablespace with a larger space size. This may mean you'll either need to recreate the tablespace with a larger pagesize or create an alternative tablespace  where you can store just this table. Either way , at this level of DB2 you'll need to make this adjustment

There are some instructions in this post on  Changing DB2 database pagesize

Another tactic is to reduce the rowlength by either deleting a column or reducing the size

For full details on this error message check SQL0670N  on the IBM site

Some other posts on managing DB2 tablespaces

DB2 – How to check if autoresize is enabled

Db2 reduce tablespace with ALTER TABLESPACE REDUCE - DBA ...



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