How to view harvested user defined storage resources for TSAMP

04 February,2016 by Tom Collins

When troubleshooting a  db2haicu adding a mountpoint operation , it was necessary to review the

resources harvested. This is the first step in trying to figure how TSAMP is viewing the online


To view the online user defined storage resources  harvested use this command:

lsrsrc -Ab IBM.AgFileSystem

When reviewing the output you'll notice the mount point information. This information is harvested by

default from the /etc/fstab details .

If a new resource has been added to the system and you want to refresh the IBM.AgFileSystem output use

the force method to refresh the  list

refrsrc IBM.Disk

The alternative to using the refrsrc IBM.Disk  is to restart the domain. Read TSAMP Cheat Sheet for DBA managing DB2 clustering to view the restart

domain command.

Although by default the output is from the /etc/fstab file, it is possible to amend the MountPoint


Using the methods listed above it is possible to view the mounted file system as represented by

IBM.AgFileSystem resource

Read more on managing TSAMP management

How to backup the TSA SAMP policy details

Methods to find TSAMP error details and return codes


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