How to remove a TSA peer domain

03 February,2016 by Tom Collins

I was installing TSA for a shared storage DB2 clustering , and there were some disk error issues. Rather

than spending time troubleshooting dealing with a half installed installation, it was easier to drop the

peer domain and start the TSA install again. 

Making the decision on whether you reinstall or troubleshoot, will depend on your circumstances. It's worth highlighting the TSA uninstall procedure is easy . It then gives you the opportunity to complete any due diligence, bug fixing or other preparatory steps

Once the disk error was fixed , these were the steps I completed to delete the TSA domain.

Step 1 -  Check if the peer domain exists on the machine by executing the following command:

 root@myserver# lsrpdomain

results  Name OpState RSCTActiveVersion MixedVersions TSPort GSPort
 mydb2domain Online No 12347 12348

If you execute lsrpdomain and there is no result, it means there is no peer domain isntalled. This means

there is no TSA install.You cannot have multiple domains installed. 
Step 2 .Use the lsrpnode to list all the nodes as part of the domain. This is a typical resultset.

[[email protected] ~]# lsrpnode
Name         OpState RSCTVersion
server1 Online
server2  Online


Step 3  If you'd like to proceed in a logical progression , you can remove the node membership from the


a) Identify and remove every node using the lsrpnode
b) Execute stoprpnode my_node_name   to stop the node
c) Execute rmrpnode my_node_name to remove the node 
d) Repeat until all nodes are removed
Once you've confirmed all nodes are removed correctly , use the rmrpdomain command. The rmrpdomain will attempt to remove the domain. There is also a force option

rmrpdomain mydoamin
rmrpdomain -f mydomain

You can use the commands lsrpdomain and lsrpdomain to confirm if the actions are completed.
If you only needed to remove a node , you can use lsrpnode
If you need to check if the whole domain is deleted use lsrpnode

If you are attempting to remove a DB2 TSA installation , which required you to use db2haicu as the

interface to manage\ complete the TSA install, then I'd recommend you complete the following step before

you start the node and domain uninstall.

db2haicu -delete



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