How to add Virtual IP address to existing Tivoli Storage Automation via db2haicu

17 February,2016 by Tom Collins

Question: I have a Failover solution set up for Shared Disk Storage using Tivoli Storage Automation (TSA). DB2 instances  & mount points are set up in the correct resource groups and failing over to another node in the same cluster with success. The one missing piece of the TSA solution is the virtual ip address failover. How can I add a virtual ip that will broadcast the ip address from whichever is the Primary Server?

Answer:   If you already have a TSA set up , then setting up a Virtual IP address  can be configured via DB2 using the db2haicu command.

As a prerequisite have an ip address assigned , that is currently not associated to any server. Also have the  ip address subnet mask ready.

From within the DB2 command line – type db2haicu

If there is an existing TSA domain set up , a menu will appear as follows


Enter your selection : 5

This will take you through a wizard, requesting the  IP address, subnet mask and the confirming you want to associate the ip address with the public network interface you set up when you first configured TSA with the DB2 instance.

To confirm the Virtual IP address has been added successfully , use the lssam command.

You’ll now notice a new resource : IBM.ServiceIP:db2ip_my_ip-rs

You can now use this address as part of the client rerouting  or ACR.

For more details on TSAMP

TSAMP Cheat Sheet for DBA managing DB2 clustering - DBA DB2

Tivoli Storage Automation for Multiplatforms(SA MP) and the shared disk approach

Methods to find TSAMP error details and return codes

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