10 most popular posts for dba-db2.com for 2015

13 February,2016 by Tom Collins

 I've just published 10 most popular sqlserver-dba posts for 2015 , so I thought I'd publish 10 most popular posts for dba-db2.com for 2015 

I've been meaning to publish the 10 most popular posts for dba-db2.com for 2015 since the start of 2016. But I've had a lot of work and being writing about other topics. Mainly I write dba-db2.com posts to document problems and to help me understand what I'm working on. 

 One of the observations about this list  is that I also revisit these posts regularly. I use the posts as reference  and also edit based on feedback.

I've listed them from No 10 down to the most popular.

10)  SQL0911N Reason Code 68 The current transaction has been rolled back because of a deadlock or timeout

9)  DB2 – DBA Scripts

8) DB2 How To get View definition - DBA DB2


6) How to monitor a DB2 REORG - DBA DB2

5) DBA Interview Question and Answers for DB2 - DBA DB2

4) Database size in DB2 - DBA DB2

3) Reorg table DB2 - DBA DB2

2) DB2 – Backup history - DBA DB2

1)  DB2 list schemas of a database - DBA DB2




Author: Rambler(http://www.dba-db2.com)


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