TSAMP Cheat Sheet for DBA managing DB2 clustering

30 December,2015 by Tom Collins

Once the Tivoli Storage Automation for Multiplatforms(SA MP) and the shared disk approach with DB2 is set and configured, the DBA needs to manage the cluster. There are hundreds of TSAMP and RSCT commands, but these ones will give you a quick start .


Determine TSAMP version

# samversion


View cluster status

# Lssam

Monitor cluster continuously

#lssam -top

List SAMP control parameters


Check domain status

# Lsrpdomain

Check node status


List all defined relationships

# lsrel –Ab

List active tiebreaker

lsrsrc -Ab -c IBM.PeerNode

Disable high availability clustering

# db2haicu -disable

Enable high availability clustering

# db2haicu

Manual failover (from active node,as root)

# rgreq -o move -n <nodename> <DB2 instance resource group>

# rgreq -o move -n cluster_node1

When a resource is marked as failed offline:clear the state and return that resource to normal operation

# resetrsrc -s 'Name =="resource1"' IBM.Application

# resetrsrc -s "Name like 'db2_db2inst1_0-rs' AND NodeNameList in {'db2server1'}" IBM.Application

Reset all resources

resetrsrc -s 'Name like "%"' IBM.Application

Manual restart of DB2 instance when TSA is enabled

Starting/Stopping your domain - stop your cluster for maintenance etc

# stoprpdomain <DOMAIN_NAME>

# startrpdomain <DOMAIN_NAME>

Stop your domain without taking all your resources offline first

In this case you would have to force the domain to stop. Prior to forcing the stop you should change CritRsrcProtMethod to 5 to ensure that no reboots occur due to daemons exiting abnormally:

--change the value of CritRsrcProtMethod

# chrsrc -c IBM.PeerNode CritRsrcProtMethod=5

# stoprpdomain -f <DOMAIN_NAME>

Read More on High Availability

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Tivoli Storage Automation for Multiplatforms(SA MP) and the shared disk approach

Author: Rambler(http://www.dba-db2.com)


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