How to change the DB2 Version from ESE to WSE

07 October,2015 by Tom Collins

If you need to change DB2 version , you have to either a)uninstall the old version or b) upgrade it to the new version. In these notes, I am uninstalling the old version.

In this example, I am changing DB2 versions from  DB2 10.1 ESE to DB2 10.1 WSE

Step 1: Contact  application owners to shutdown application connections to the DB2 instances stopped. You can check for any live connections with:

db2 list applications


Step 2: Backup, export or db2move.

This decision depends on the circumstances

# mkdir /backups

# cd /backups # db2look -d DBNAME -e -o DBNAME.DDL

# db2move DBNAME export

To backup all databases: DB2 - Backup all databases on Primary Server

Now you have all of your data in the directory /backups  as local backups.

To save space I gzip the files

gzip *.001

I prefer to be ultra cautious and complete  FULL OFFLINE backups onto the remote backup system

Step 3: Drop your databases or UNCATALOG DATABASES. If I'm doing an inplace version change, I prefer to use the UNCATALOG method .

# db2start

SQL1063N DB2START processing was successful.

# db2 drop database DBNAME DB20000I

The DROP DATABASE command completed successfully. # db2 list db directory SQL1067W The system database directory is empty. SQLSTATE=01606


Before you issue the UNCATALOG command make a note of local db directory

db2 UNCATALOG DB <db_name>

Step 4: Stop and remove DB2 Administration Server (DAS)

DB2DIR is the path you installed DB2 (example : /opt/ibm/db2/V10.1 ) and INSTHOME is the db2 instance owner’s home directory (example: /db2myinst).

$ cd DB2DIR/das/bin
$ ./db2admin stop
SQL4407W The DB2 Administration Server was stopped successfully.
$ echo switch to the root user
$ su
# cd DB2DIR/instance
# ./dasdrop
SQL4410W The DB2 Administration Server is not active.
DBI1070I Program dasdrop completed successfully.

 DB2 Database Administration Server (DAS) Notes - DBA DB2

Step 5: Stop and drop DB2 instances.

Use db2ilist command to list the instances. Then for each one of them, you have to issue the following commands to stop and remove.

# cd DB2DIR/bin
# ./db2ilist
# . profile
# su - db2inst1
$ db2stop force
SQL1032N  No start database command was issued. SQLSTATE=57019
$ db2 terminate
DB20000I The TERMINATE command completed successfully.


Once you've stopped the DB2 instance . You have to do these for all instances. Next, we will remove the instances. You have to complete this step for all DB2


 # cd DB2DIR/instance
# ./db2idrop db2inst1

DBI1070I Program db2idrop completed successfully.


Step 6: Issue db2_deinstall command.


# cd DB2DIR/install

# ./db2_deinstall -a

DBI1016I Program db2_deinstall is performing uninstallation. Please wait.

The execution completed successfully.

For more information see the DB2 uninstallation log at:



The execution completed successfully.


Step 7: INSTALL DB2 platform including fixpacks - in our case , we are migrating from DB2 10.1.03 from ESE to WSE

This is an example. Refer to your organisations standardised method of installing DB2

Run the installation program:./db2prereqcheck  . Fix any outstanding issues

•             Run the installation program:./db2_install

•             The default path will be : /opt/ibm/db2/V10.1 – 

•             Specify one or more keywords : WSE

Do you want to install the PureScale feature ? No

The execution completed successfully.

 For more information see the DB2 installation log at



The execution completed successfully.

For more information see the DB2 installation log at "/tmp/db2_install.log.10784".


This is an example. Refer back to your installation scripts for any install and post-install tasks

/opt/ibm/db2/V10.1/instance/db2icrt -u db2fmy db2my


CATALOG DB <db_name> ON <local_directory>


Read More on DB2 uninstall, CATALOG and documentation

How to uninstall DB2 - DBA DB2

DB2 TOOLS CATALOG – Is it required? - DBA DB2

DB2 Version 9.7 Documentation - DBA DB2


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