How to monitor table reorgs with db2pd -reorgs

18 May,2015 by Tom Collins

The following command can be used to view the reorganization flags for the tables and the indices of the tables:


Db2 connect to MYDB
db2 reorgchk current statistics on table all 


This is a basic readout and reports on every table. In practise, I just need to view the recent table reorg stats.

Fortunately the db2pd utility returns this information. The basic command is

db2pd –reorgs index

Read more about db2pd in the db2pd troubleshooting guide - DBA DB2

The command gives you detailed information about table and index reorganisation. Three panels of information appear:

Table Reorg Information  -

Table Reorg Stats -

Index Reorg Stats –


For index reorganization there’s some useful information. Some useful values include:

Retrieval Time: 18/05/2015 15:47:15

TbspaceID: 2        TableID: 36

Schema: MYSCHEMA   TableName: MY_TABLE

Access: Allow write

Status: Completed

Start Time: 18/05/2015 15:32:37   End Time: 18/05/2015 15:32:42

Total Duration: 00:00:04

Prev Index Duration:  -

Cur Index Start: -

Cur Index: 0            Max Index: 1            Index ID: 0

Cur Phase: 0          ( -     )   Max Phase: 0

Cur Count: 0                      Max Count: 0

Total Row Count: 488582


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