db2pd troubleshooting guide

01 February,2015 by Tom Collins

DB2 troubleshooting with db2pd

Db2pd is one of my favourite DB2 troubleshooting tools.  I use these commands on a daily basis.

There are many occasions where I’ve used information from these commands to troubleshoot DB2 issues.

Useful information about database logs

db2pd -db DB_NAME –logs

DB2 database lock information

 db2pd -db DB_NAME  –locks

DB2 database configuration information

 db2pd –db DB_NAME  –dbcfg

DB2 hadr information

 db2pd -db DB_NAME  -hadr

Database Partition Memory Controller Statistics

db2pd –dbptnmem

Get DB2 level

db2pd -V or db2pd –version

Get OS information

Db2pd –osinfo

Get almost everything

Db2pd –everything

Get tablespace containers statistics – total useable pages, used pages, free pages,tablespaces type

Db2pd –tablespaces –db DB_NAME

Findlongest running query – when db2pd is your only option

--find db2agent consuming high CPU.

db2pd –edu

--use the EDU ID find the application and sql code

db2pd –app -dyn

Get DB2  instance uptime

Db2pd –


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Author: Rambler(http://www.dba-db2.com)


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