How to get the DB2 database connection count

15 January,2015 by Tom Collins

How do I get  DB2 connection count ?I need this information to supply a application restart workflow. Rather than just issuing a db2stop force, I want to send a response to the workflow program , which issues the message to the Operator. The Operator can decide  on the a course of action.

For example, there may be a backup in progress or an application may not have been shut down successfully.

Answer: There are a number of methods provided by DB2 to supply the connection details.  The decision on approach  depends on specific requirements and tolerance for precision. 

In your case, you simply need a method to indicate that not only are the databases active but there are connections. You’re  requesting whether  there is a connection count greater than 0, for a database.

A problem to overcome is differentiating between an explicit and implicit database activation. For example, if a database is active , it is possible a DBA has executed a   db2 activate db .This activity would be defined as an explicit activation

 As opposed to an application requesting a connection which implicitly activates the database.

You can check all these impacts by using the list active databases command . If the database is active, it will appear in the list. If there is a connection, there will be a number greater than 0 on the Application connected currently value.

Methods to use for getting the DB2 database connection count

Explore these commands , return the information and assess how relevant it is to you’re requirement. I prefer using the db2pd methods, as they use a latch free method of accessing the data required.


--check how long the database is active
Db2pd –alldbs –
db2pd -alldatabases -bufferpools | grep Database
db2 list active databases
--Look at the snapshot for the database manager
db2 -v get snapshot for database manager 
db2 -v get snapshot for database manager | grep ‘Applications connected currently’

Read more on db2pd and connections

DB2 database hangs on db2 connect - use db2pd to troubleshoot

DB2 block all connections to a database - svcename - DBA DB2

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