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17 January,2015 by Tom Collins

How to check for the DB2 Instance Status?

There are multiple methods of checking the DB2 instance status. The method is usually dependant on the  requirements. These are some examples of different situations where the DB2 instance status is required

Server reboot – Has the DB2 instance started OK?Maybe auto start failed or an underlying disk issue.

Connection troubleshooting – Is the DB2 instance available?

Disaster Recovery – On a site failover , has the DB2 instance started OK?

Typically a DBA may go beyond checking just the DB2 instance status. They may want to check  database connections , tablespaces and dbdiag.log files for any errors.

Most monitoring application will have a DB2 monitoring module. The monitoring application will check for the DB2 instance status and send a message. Once the DB2 instance is set up and certified , I prefer exception based reporting. Although there are DBAs who prefer a report every morning – read more on Monitor DB2 instance status and database status  reporting

Method 1 - Check DB2 instance status on Linux on the OS.

Execute this command to check if dbsysc exists.

ps -ef|grep db2sysc


Method 2 - The simplest method to check DB2 instance status  is to execute db2start

01/17/2015 12:04:05     0   0   SQL1026N  The database manager is already active.

Method 3 – Use db2pd to check the DB2 instance status

"Db2pd –" tells whether instance is up and for how long

db2pd -
Database Member 0 -- Active -- Up 0 days 00:01:23 -- Date 2015-01-17-


Method 4 - Use db2_local_ps .

This Linux DB2 command returns the DB2 processes . If no processes are returned use db2start to start the DB2 instance




These are just some quick fire methods to check quickly on the instance status.

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