Top 10 most active posts for in 2015

31 December,2014 by Tom Collins

2015 has been a great year. I’ve enjoyed very much working as a DB2 DBA . My main focus this year has been on performance and tuning. I’ve worked on some large scaling projects , dealing with very large transactional growth.  There's also been an increase in security audit projects

I’ve tried to post regularly on and Page views have increased steadily over the year. I’d like to thank the readers for some excellent feedback and questions.

If you’d like to ask any questions , please contact me.

The 10 most active posts this year on are:

DB2 list schemas of a database - DBA DB2

DB2 DBA Scripts

Reorg table DB2 - DBA DB2

Database size in DB2 - DBA DB2

DBA Interview Question and Answers for DB2

How to grant select privileges on all tables for DB2 - DBA DB2

How to monitor a DB2 REORG - DBA DB2

DBA Interview Questions and Answers – DB2 Server Operations

Useradd in Linux - Not copying any file from skel directory into it

SQL0911N Reason Code 68 The current transaction has been rolled back because of a deadlock or timeout

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