Linux swap space and DB2

30 December,2014 by Tom Collins

To view the linux swap space and usage ,use one of these commands


Swapon –s

Cat /proc/swaps


Monitoring the Linux swap space is important as the usage levels are a good indicator more memory may be required.

The general rule of thumb for the Linux swap space sizing , based on the IBM DB2 database product  documentation, is 25% - 50% of physical RAM. It’s a guideline figure , and the DBA will need to do some  memory usage planning.

If you're seeing constant swapping , then organise some extra memory. To view swapping use this command:

vmstat 3 100

Focus on the si and so columns. This shows paged in and paged out on the disk.

One of the reasons for the relatively high % of swap space is to accommodate unanticipated memory over commitment.  In the modern database server environment, there are all sorts of DB2 features out-of-the-box requiring extra memory plus systems administrators like to install  various management agents and probes to manage systems .


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