How To get the column definitions of the DB2 Monitor table functions

02 June,2014 by Tom Collins

Question: How can I get the column definitions  of the DB2  Monitor (MON) table function?

Answer: You can describe the Monitor function tables output by prefixing describe output before the SELECT statement . It will return the column definition. For example,


--return column details of MON_GET_BUFFERPOOL
 db2 "describe output SELECT * FROM TABLE(MON_GET_BUFFERPOOL('',-2))"
---return column details of waits and processing times for a connection
db2 “describe output select r.metric_name, r.parent_metric_name,    r.total_time_value as time, r.count, c.member                                                                                
from table(mon_get_connection_details(125,-2)) as c,                                                
 table(mon_format_xml_times_by_row(c.details)) as r                                             
order by total_time_value desc

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