ADM7519W DB2 could not allocate an agent. The SQLCODE is "-1225".

13 March,2014 by Tom Collins

Question: We’re running an application which connects to a DB2 9.7 on Red Hat Linux 6. On the last batch job the following error message was reported.


--application side
Connection reset. ERRORCODE=-4499, SQLSTATE=08001
-- The associated messages in the db2diag.log were
ADM7009E  An error was encountered in the "TCPIP" protocol support.  A possible
cause is that the maximum number of agents has been exceeded.
ADM7519W  DB2 could not allocate an agent.  The SQLCODE is "-1225".

Answer:  Some background information.  The configuration parameter MAXAGENTS is set  at the instance level  , therefore an aggregate of all active databases.  Each database has a setting for MAXAPPLS – defining the maximum number of connected applications.

It is possible to exceed the total number of agents if there are a large number of connections.

First step , get the dbm snapshot

db2 get snapshot for database manager > mydbm.out

Focus on these parameter values

High water mark for agents registered

Agents registered

Idle agents

High water mark for coordinating agents

Agents stolen from another application

Max agents overflow


 One indicator of MAXAGENTS limits , is if the value of “Agents stolen from another application” is greater than zero. You have an option of increasing the amount of agents available by sizing MAXAGENTS or MAX_COORAGENTS (as appropriate)

 You can update these parameters by issuing the following command:


db2 update db cfg for <database_name> using MAXAGENTS <increase_value>
db2 update dbm cfg using MAX_COORDAGENTS <increase_value>

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