DB2 TOOLS CATALOG – Is it required?

26 September,2013 by Tom Collins

Question: Is the  DB2 TOOLS catalog required? How do I know if a DB2 instance has the TOOLS catalog installed and what are options for managing?

Answer: One of the purposes of the DB2  TOOLS catalog is  to use the task scheduling facility. You can verify  if DB2 TOOLS catalog  exists by executing the list db directory command. It is listed along with other user databases.

The TOOLS catalog is a repository of tables for the Task Center schedules, definitions and history.The decision on whether the catalog is required depends on how the DB2 server is managed by the DBA. The DB2 server functions without the TOOLS catalog.

You can verify DAS access by using the GET ADMIN CFG command. The command displays the TOOLS CATALOG configuration settings

If the TOOLS CATALOG exists – an installation process created the catalog.  It is useful to identify which process created the catalog and make any adjustments to the install scripts .

Creating the catalog requires the CREATE TOOLS CATALOG command

To delete the DB2 TOOLS catalog table use the DROP TOOOLS CATALOG command

Note: Use  force option  force the DB2 administration server's scheduler to stop, otherwise the catalog can’t be dropped


db2 drop tools catalog mydb in database toolsdb
db2 drop tools catalog in database toolsdb force

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