Manage DB2 backups retention policy

20 August,2013 by Tom Collins

How can I manage a DB2 database backup retention policy  if the database is configured to use TSM  . I understand I can manage the old backups through a script , but I’d prefer if DB2 managed the process?

 DB2 manages backup files  and the retention policy using built-in database configuration parameters. Since DB2 9.5 , three parameters are available to manage the retention policy and automatic deletion of backup images.


Number of database backups to retain   (NUM_DB_BACKUPS) = 10
 Recovery history retention (days)     (REC_HIS_RETENTN) = 10
 Auto deletion of recovery objects    (AUTO_DEL_REC_OBJ) = ON


This example removes database history entries after 10 days. As AUTO_DEL_REC_OBJ is turned ON, DB2 will remove the files – on the filesystem or TSM. This process also manages the  archive logfiles.

To clarify:  the combination of NUM_DB_BACKUPS and REC_HIS_RETENTN will automate the recovery history file pruning   and AUTO_DEL_REC_OBJ will trigger the deletion of the physical log files and backup images associated with the pruned entries.

To change the values of these settings, an example:

db2 update db cfg for  using AUTO_DEL_REC_OBJ ON


You may encounter a problem of  backup images existing on the TSM server  timestamped from before the history file reference.

In those situations you’ll need to issue a  db2adutl delete . The db2adutl delete command will delete the older backup images on the TSM server, currently not synched up with the history file

db2adutl delete FULL older than ENTER_TIMESTAMP  db ENTER_DBNAME. 


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