ADM5500W DB2 is performing lock escalation

11 June,2013 by Tom Collins

ADM5500W  DB2 is performing lock escalation.  The total number of locks currently held is "817", and the target number of locks to hold is "408".    How can I resolve?


Check the current LOCKLIST level with :


db2 get db cfg for COMMDB | grep 'LOCKLIST'

Increase the database locklist size to 4096 pages. If the ADM5500W error message continues , double locklist i.e 8192

You can also adjust the locklist percentage used by one application with adjusting the MAXLOCKS

What happens if DB2 locklist is out of space for holding locks? Locks are escalated to table level

db2 connect to DB_NAME;
db2 update db cfg using locklist 4096;
--this is an optional , see notes earlier 

db2 update db cfg using maxlocks 60; 


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