DB2 - Collecting data for database performance problems

30 November,2012 by Tom Collins

In DB2 database performance troubleshooting , one of the challenges is to collect the right amount and type of data to assist the DBA to get clues.   In How to report a DB2 performance problem  there are questions to think about – guiding you towards a general approach to reporting a performance problem

This post lists the information required when you’re sending me DB2 performance related queries. It gives me enough data to gain an overview of the database. It doesn’t guarantee a solution , but covers the main data sets.

Run the following from a DB2 command window


db2look -d  -e -o .ddl -a -l -f 
db2 get dbm cfg > dbmcfg.out 
db2 get db cfg for  > -dbcfg.out 
connect to  
db2 -tvf table.sql > -table.out 
db2 -tvf index.sql > -index.out 
db2 -tvf buffer.sql > -buffer.out 
db2level > db2level.out 
db2set -all > db2set.out 
db2 -tf updmon.sql 
--after this, run db2 get monitor switches 
--they should all say "ON" 
--run whatever process is causing the issue(s) 
db2 get snapshot for all on  > -dbsnap.out 
--this must be run from the same command window as step 10 
--if you can do multiple snapshots that would be better, an hour apart or 
--so while the S&P agent is running, use different output files 

--where  is the name of your database 


Please send the following files:










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Author: Rambler(http://www.dba-db2.com)


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