How to use Db2adutl delete logs

09 May,2012 by Tom Collins

Question:  How can I  delete old archive  logs from Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) ?

I’ve confirmed the TSM backup client configuration for DB2 on Linux is all OK

Answer:  The db2adutl  command comes with DB2.  The tool is located in the $HOME/sqllib/adsm directory of the instance owner.  You can extract, loadcopies, verify backups , query and delete from TSM.

The backup copies in TSM  always active and never deleted by normal TSM file expiration processing. The db2adutl utility provides a way of deleting backups and log files that are no longer required

This example code demonstrates the delete  archive logs functionality

db2adutl delete logs between S0003838.LOG and S0003840.LOG db 

 When this command executes places a flag next to the object references within the TSM DB and the Expiration process on the TSM Server will then remove these references when it runs each day.

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