How to check for DB2 Direct IO and FILE SYSTEM CACHING

30 May,2012 by Tom Collins

Question : I’m running DB2 9.5 . How do I check the FILESYSTEM CACHING status on a DB2 tablespace?

 Answer:  DB2 bufferpools and Linux filecache perform approximately the same function.

Thefunction is : copy data from disk.

 DirectIO directs reads from disk into DB2 memory.DirectIO is set up on a tablespace by tablespace basis. The tablespace option is NO FILE SYSTEM CACHING

 Can be applied to: system tablespaces, temporary tablespaces

 Note: LOB and LONG VARCHAR doesn’t benefit – and continues to use file cache

 Check FILESYSTEM caching by  db2 -v "get snapshot for tablespaces on myDB" | more 

Check for File system caching


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