Failed to archive log file and db2 online backup

23 April,2012 by Tom Collins

Question: These errors started appearing in the db2diag.log files for a production DB2 database. I have a process to Manage DB2 db2diag.log files.The daily DB2 online backup was successful – but failed to archive log.    

2012-04-20- E1088884685E547     LEVEL: Error
PID     : 13535                TID  : 47411049261376PROC : db2sysc 0
INSTANCE: db2misc              NODE : 000
EDUID   : 24                   EDUNAME: db2logmgr (db1) 0
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, data protection services, sqlpgArchiveLogFile, probe:3160
MESSAGE : ZRC=0x86100025=-2045771739=SQLP_MEDIA_VENDOR_DEV_ERR
          "A vendor device reported a media error."
DATA #1 : 
Failed to archive log file S0005908.LOG to TSM chain 2 from /db2inst1/logs/db1/NODE0000/.


Answer:  1)  check the configuration on the database are correct. LOGARCHMETH1 = TSM , LOGRETAIN=RECOVERY. And you're not  getting the DB2 SQL2413N - Online backup is not allowed  error

2)       Break connections to the database  and take a full DB2 offline backup




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DB2 - SQL2428N The BACKUP did not complete because one or more of the requested log files could not be retrieved.

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