Troubleshooting SQL2219N and reason code 9

23 March,2012 by Tom Collins

This DB2 error message SQL2219N  reason code 9 appeared in the db2 db2diag file. 

The DB2 documentation details for reason code 9 are “START is not allowed as a prior paused table reorganization has not been stopped”.

I discovered there was a scheduled maintenance of the databases – 1) REORG - managing reorg of tables  (and indexes).  2) RUNSTATS

It conflicted with the AUTO_REORG  on the databases. Turning off AUTO_REORG stopped the error occurring.

2012-03-18- E2273446E603        LEVEL: Error
PID     : 25077                TID  : 189054052704 PROC : db2sysc
INSTANCE: db2tdw               NODE : 000          DB   :MYDB
APPHDL  : 0-17413              APPID: *LOCAL.db2tdw.120319003038
EDUID   : 82                   EDUNAME: db2agent (MYDB)
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, data management, sqldOLRValidate, probe:100
MESSAGE : ADM5590E  The specified INPLACE table reorganization action on table 
          "DB2JV .DATA_DETAILS" is not allowed on this node because of 
          SQLCODE -2219 reason code "9".


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