DB2 9.5 installation notes

05 January,2012 by Tom Collins

IBM DB2 documentation is very  comprehensive. But I still like create and maintain my own documentation\scripts for repeatable tasks. Installing DB2 should be an efficient process , customised to a particular environment.

I maintain all DB2 documentation on the network  and my laptop.  One of the many ways for decreasing my stress levels

DB2  installation is fundamental to situations such as Disaster Recovery. Worst case , the DBA can recreate the environment and allow users to continue working.

Another benefit of documentation is to assist another member of the  DBA team to complete the installation in your absence. 

 An example of documentation

 OS = Redhat ES 5 update 6 64 bit

DB2 version = DB2 v9.5    Enterprise Edition 64 bit for Linux  

Source Files

\\MY_NETWORK_PATH\IBM\DB2\9_5\ DB2_ESE_V95_Linux_x86-64.tar

\\MY_NETWORK_PATH\IBM\DB2\v9_5\ DB2_Enterp_Svr_CPU_Activation_V95.zip

Part 1 Installation

  • Transfer zip file (above) to the path:  “ <SERVER>\opt\V9_5\DB2_ESE_V95_Linux_x86-64.tar”
  • Transfer zip file (above) to the path:  “ <SERVER>\opt\ V9_5\DB2_Enterp_Svr_CPU_Activation.zip”
  • Untar  with :” tar –xvf DB2_ESE_V95_Linux_x86-64.tar”
  • Run the installation program:./db2_install
  • The default path will be : /opt/ibm/db2/v9.5 – don’t change the default path : Choose no
  • Specify one or more keywords : ESE


  Create users and groups:

      Note : request passwords from DBA

     Only do steps (4,5) – if you want to set up a test instance . I do this as a standard to check the install

  • 1# groupadd -g 999 db2iadm1
  • 2# groupadd -g 998 db2fadm1
  • 3# groupadd -g 997 db2asgrp
  • 4# useradd -g db2iadm1 -m db2inst1 -p password 
  • 5# useradd -g db2fadm1 -m db2fenc1 -p password
  • 6# useradd -g db2asgrp -m dasur1 -p password

   Create an Administration Server (DAS)

 /opt/ibm/db2/V9.5/instance/dascrt -u dasur1


  Create links



  Install license key



  • Go to the “/opt/V9_5” folder
  • Issue a : “unzip DB2_ESE_CPU_Activation_V95.zip”
  • (NOTE: the trial version lasts for 90 days)
  • “/opt/ibm/db2/V9.5/adm/db2licm -a /opt/V9_5/db2/license/db2ese.lic”

Part 2: Test (Optional)

  • Login as db2inst1 (for example from root: # su db2inst1 -)
  • Start the database: $ db2start
  • Create the "sample" database: $ db2sample
  • List existing database(s): $ db2 list database directory
  • Check the sample database



  • $ db2 connect to sample
  • $ db2 list tables
  • $ db2 "select * from employee"
  • $ db2 connect reset

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Author: Jack Vamvas(http://www.dba-db2.com)
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