ADM4000W and catalogcache_sz

17 January,2012 by Tom Collins

The following message appeared in the db2diag.log

ADM4000W  A catalog cache overflow condition has occurred.  There is

          no error but this indicates that the catalog cache has exceeded the

          configured maximum size.  If this condition persists, you may want to

          adjust the CATALOGCACHE_SZ DB configuration parameter


 1)    CATALOGCACHE_SZ is the Catalog cache size configuration parameter

2)   Specifies in pages the max space usable from database heap

3)  CATALOGCACHE_SZ allocation occurs from database shared memory

4)   If increasing CATALOGCACHE_SZ allocation consider the consequences  versus allocating the memory for other resources such as bufferpool

5)  Large amounts of dynamic sql or XQuery can potentially require extra cache space.

6)      Monitor : cat_cache_lookups , cat_cache_inserts , cat_cache_overflows , cat_cache_size_top    for hints to adjust catalogcache_sz



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