TADDM and DB2 discovery

24 November,2011 by Tom Collins

For Tivoli  Application Dependancy Discovery Manager (TADDM)  to successfully discover DB2 instances, standardising OS and DB2 security access is the key, particularly for a large DB2 server inventory.

A non – standardised approach can lead to may hours of troubleshooting and false negatives.

Build the TADDM security access into the installation process – as part of the security lockdown for an effective TADDM discover process.

  For a successful TADDM discovery of DB2 , the following are required:

a)      A successful server discovery

b)      The DB2 instance must be installed on the instance owners home directory

c)       TADDM will find multiple instances on one server only if the same DB2 versions are used

d)      For discovery of multiple DB2 installations on a single machine: DB2, the user credentials from the access list must belong to the DB2 administration group for all DB2 installations.

e)      DB2 account credential is required for access to useful information as :


_db2ilist - list instances

_ db2set - DB2 profile registry

_ db2licm - license management tool

_ db2 - command line processor invocation

_ db2level - show DB2 service level

Author: Jack Vamvas(http://www.dba-db2.com)
Author: Rambler(http://www.dba-db2.com)


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