12 November,2011 by Tom Collins

Diaglevel refers to the Diagnostic error capture level configuration parameter.

There are 5 levels:


  • 0 - No diagnostic data captured
  • 1 - Severe errors only
  • 2 - All errors
  • 3 - All errors and warnings
  • 4 - All errors, warnings and informational messages

The default is at   3.

Change the diagnostic level with the command:


db2 update dbm cfg using DIAGLEVEL 4.


Only change it to 4 if debugging , otherwise keep it at 3 , otherwise the db2diag.log file size will grow

When I had the DB2 instance level DIAGLEVEL set at 3 the db2diag.log message  at an instance crash was :


ADM0503C  An unexpected internal processing error has occurred.  ALL

 Looking earlier on db2diag,log :

 ZRC=0x870F0009=-2029060087=SQLO_EOF "the data does not exist"

 DIA8506C Unexpected end of file was reached.

I turned on DIAGLEVEL =4  , and received increased information level information. Assisting in diagnosing the the problem

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Author: Rambler(http://www.dba-db2.com)


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