Iometer and Linux

26 September,2011 by Tom Collins

Using Iometer with Linux requires a few extra steps than running it on Windows.

Iometer is a great tool , but aim to test on real-data. Consider testing on tools which simulate database server IO patterns. Disk IO performance and SQLIO    illustrates a more database server specific test plan.

Some IOMeter definitions

Iometer – Iometer is the control program . Set the test parameters through the user interface. Iometer sends commands to Dynamo

Dynamo – workload generator. Iometer sends commands to Dynamo. Dynamo manages the IO operations, collects the results and sends them back to Iometer.

Step 1 – set up Iometer on Windows.

Download from . Unzip and open the executable. Easy

Step 2 – set up Dynamo on Linux

1)   Download from

2)  Upload onto “/opt”

3)  Run these commands


gunzip iometer-2006_07_27.linux.i386-bin.gz
tar -xvf iometer-2006_07_27.linux.i386-bin
cd iometer-2006_07_27.linux.i386-bin
cd src
ls –al


4)  Firewalls  and IOMeter

You can configure the firewalls , but I find it less complicated to turn off all firewalls , on host for Windows and Linux


5)  Start the iometer GUI on the Windows reporting host

6)   Start dynamo on the Linux host test server

Parameter 1 = -i    (Windows Host)
Parameter 2 = -m (Linux host)

#in the install path under the src folder
./dynamo -i  -m

7) Check the Iometer GUI on Windows , you should see the server added

8) Progress with setting up tests

Read more on Performance Management

DBMS – Buffer System


Hardware Tuning

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