ADM6044E - DMS Container Space Full

25 July,2011 by Tom Collins

On Database Managed tablespaces you may receive a message :

 ADM6044E DMS Container Space Full

From the application side you may get something like:

[ERROR]Unable to allocate new pages in table space

This usually means free pages = 0 .

 Check the db2diag.log file  , and the related message is

          ADM6044E  The DMS table space "MYDATA" (ID "3") is full.  If this is

          an autoresize or automatic storage DMS tablespace, the maximum table

          space size may have been reached or the existing containers or

          storage paths cannot grow any more. Additional space can be added to

          the table space by either adding new containers or extending existing

          ones using the ALTER TABLESPACE SQL statement. If this is an

          autoresize or automatic storage DMS table space, additional space can

          be added by adding containers to an autoresize table space or by

          adding new storage paths to an automatic storage database.


 As immediate troubleshooting steps for ADM6044E - DMS Container Space Full try:

DB2 CONNECT TO my_database_name
DB2 "ALTER TABLESPACE tablespace_name EXTEND (ALL 100000)"

Long term , analyse the space requirements and size the tablespaces with some capacity planning


Db2 reduce tablespace with ALTER TABLESPACE REDUCE - DBA

DB2 USERSPACE1 is full - DBA DB2

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