DB2 deactivate database

16 July,2011 by Tom Collins

Depending on the circumstances , it may be necessary to either deactivate one DB2 database or all databases in a single instance


To deactivate one database , the following steps will help:


-          Turn AUTORESTART off via the command

Db2 update cfg for using autorestart off


-force the users off

 Db2 force applications all


-          deactivate database


db2 deactivate db



On certain occasions this does not work. In that case do a Quiesce database




To allow access again UNQUIESCE will be required .


To deactivate all databases in an instances –  follow the steps above for all databases or execute a shell script such as the one below. This will iterate through all the databases in the instance and deactivate , and creates a log file  :




logfile="DEACTIVATE__`date +%d%m%y`.log"
touch $working_dir/$logfile


echo "Current working directory $working_dir" >> $working_dir/$logfile

echo "operatation began `date`" >> $working_dir/$logfile

for i in `db2 list db directory | grep 'Database name' | awk '{print $4}'`;


echo "=============================="  >> $working_dir/$logfile ;

echo "beginning takeover for $i"  >> $working_dir/$logfile ;

echo "=============================="  >> $working_dir/$logfile ;

echo "checking database state"  >> $working_dir/$logfile ;

state=$(db2 get db cfg for $i | grep 'HADR database role' | awk '{print $5}');

echo "Current state is $state"  >> $working_dir/$logfile ;


echo "command : db2 takeover hadr on db $i"  >> $working_dir/$logfile ;

db2 deactivate db $i  >> $working_dir/$logfile ;


echo "=============================="  >> $working_dir/$logfile ;

echo "";


echo "operatation ended `date`" >> $working_dir/$logfile

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Author: Rambler(http://www.dba-db2.com)


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