Windows Server Uptime and Net Statistics Server

17 June,2011 by Tom Collins

How can I find the Windows Server uptime and the last time a Windows Server restarted?

Windows Server Uptime and the last time a Windows Server restarted , on a database server is useful information. As well as SQL Server   I do also manage some DB2 Server on Windows  - which has different information available for server level information.  Net Statistics Server  displays the details.

Normally, I’m only interested in the database server service restart. But if the database server has been down – and the server restarted – it assists in troubleshooting.

 Yesterday I saw the backups failed – which I thought was caused by the TSM backup server.But on closer examination I saw this message in the Event Viewer.

 The previous system shutdown at 22:21:27 on 15/06/2011 was unexpected.

I did some investigation – looking for a cause. It was an unusual error – as it was not accompanied by any other error messages. Speaking to the Server Administrator , he discovered that one of the processors failed.

This caused the server to shutdown and restart with one less processor.

 Net Statistics Server displays the last boot time on the second line below:

 Statistics since dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm

Net statistics server 
Windows Server Uptime and the last time a Windows Server restarted  can also be displayed by net stats srv, which gives you the same information as net statistics server

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