Data Center Migration , Database Servers and data migration planning

24 June,2011 by Tom Collins

Data Center Migration , Database Servers and data migration planning is critical to a successful migration. Enterprise architects tend to categorise database servers part of the shared services layer.

 I’ve been involved in a few very large Data Center migrations as the Senior DBA  for DB2 and SQL Server inventories – and developed an approach suited to minimising risks. Not all risks  disappear. But with a structured approach – at least you can feel comfortable most bases are covered.

Server room 

Some general data center migration principles

1)DO NOT make any design changes as part of the migration. For example , if you are on a 32 bit DB2 on Red Hat Linux – don’t change to 64 bit as part of the migration build.  Set a deadline – for example , 1 month previous to the migration , where design changes are made. Otherwise treat the change as a post migration task.

2)Ensure an in-house DBA is  on-call during the migration phase. In large organisation , migrations are often outsourced. A DBA who is familiar with the database servers can fix problems quickly – and avoid rollbacks

3)Create performance benchmarks pre and post migration. Document and store.


A general data centre migration checklist for the DBA

Create an Application Profile

Risk Rating (1-5)

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)


Weekend Downtime

Max downtime

Data Centre management and database server migration planning


Define the Design Layer

Core Infrastructure Layer  - SAN storage, Networks

Shared Services Layer – Database Servers , Monitoring,Internet

Application Layer

Enterprise Shared Services Design

Shared Database requirements  - For example:

Backup system


Package Deployment

Images Libray


Application Re-Architecture

Consider on a case-by-case basis. Note point 1 from general principles

Factors influencing the decision are:

Hardware end of life

Consolidation of Applications

DB2 Security Requirements

New Enterprise Standards


Capture Individual Servers and Databases Associated with Application


Migration Time!

Migration methods




Pilot Applications

Pilot applications with full  implementation plan

Confirm feasibility of technology.

Migration time acceptable. Record migration duration

No business service hampered.

 Build move bundle packages

Test Move Bundle packages

Unit testing

Shared Infrastructure Testing

System Integration Testing – intra bundle

Systems Integration testuing – Program Level

Data Center Migration ,  Database Servers and data migration  can be stress free with some planning . Don’t let it become a nightmare.

 Server room nightmare

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Data Centre management and database server migration planning

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