DB2 table reorg and table truncate

20 May,2011 by Tom Collins

I received a db2  Tivoli monitoring message , warning  of  disk space issues.

 TRV_DB2_UsedSpace_Minor db2inst1:myserver:UD Fri May 13 16:57:21 2011


 I executed a Linux find command 

find /db2inst1 -type f -ls | sort -k 7 -r -n | head -10

 The 10 biggest files in the directory /db2inst1

 This pointed to the Datawarehouse






















 To be on the safe side I checked out the growth stats of the other databases – growth rates . They looked OK

 db2 "CALL GET_DBSIZE_INFO (?, ?, ?, -1)"

 The database size  is 180 GB – and growing .

 I issued a full reorg – on the Datawarehouse database , this had no impact. This is part of a regular maintenance anyway –

 I sent a list of tables , with all sizes in kilobytes  , using the DB2 table size shell script .

 A request to the owner for a list of tables . allowed me to truncate DB2 tables, with the following script 

 ALTER TABLE schema.table_name activate not logged initially with empty table;

 I reran the reorg maintenance job – after the truncate . The space is reclaimed

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Author: Rambler(http://www.dba-db2.com)


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