Tivoli Storage Automation for Multiplatforms(SA MP) and the shared disk approach

08 March,2011 by Tom Collins

SA MP is defined as a highly available cluster – that uses various  monitoring methods to detect availability and rules to define what actions to complete in order to correct a failure.

 SA MP can be implemented in two ways:

1)Shared disk approach

2)SA MP with Highly available disaster recovery – (HADR) (shared nothing approach)

 In the shared disk approach ,the databases will be located on a shared disk. The disk is shared by two servers. If failure occurs the other node will assign the virtual IP to the network adapter , mount the shared disk and start the DB2 instance and database

 The SA MP with HADR approach – requires two servers : Primary and Standby. The replication occurs between the Primary and Standby servers and maintains synchronisation.

 Below is a diagram of the Shared Disk approach . The main features include: Shared disk , no replication, Virtual host name \Virtual IP address.


For this solution the requirements are:

Two separate but identical servers for the database(s). To support database manager configuration and database registry transfer

One shared disk which either database server can mount. No synchronisation is required since the disk is mounted one server at a time

Virtual hostname and Virtual IP address


The clustering management software will monitor the heartbeat signal and implement any corrections.The DB2 shared disk approach maintains the database redundancy.The IP address takeover will be transparent to the users , who will continue to use the same address .

 In the next blog I’ll go into the TSA with HADR approach , and the advantages\disadvantages of either solution

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Author: Rambler(http://www.dba-db2.com)


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