db2move to copy data between databases

09 July,2010 by Tom Collins

I need to move ddl and data from one database to another . On the same server and instance.

The basic idea was going to be :
a)using db2move export all ddls and data into a file
b)using db2move import the ddls and data


--this exports all tables and data, the output files are stored in the current directory , I used /tmp
db2move MYDB export
Application code page not determined, using ANSI codepage 1208
***** DB2MOVE *****
Action: EXPORT
Start time: Fri Jul 9 13:47:29 2010

Connecting to database MYDB ... successful! Server : DB2 Common Server V9.1.4
Binding package automatically ... /MTSCHEMA/sqllib/bnd/db2common.bnd ... successful!
Binding package automatically ... /MTSCHEMA/sqllib/bnd/db2move.bnd ... successful!
EXPORT: 76836 rows from table "MTSCHEMA "."TABLE1 "
Disconnecting from database ... successful!


--as I had remained on /tmp - the command below dealt with this automatically
db2move MYDB import

Author: Jack Vamvas(http://www.dba-db2.com)

Author: Rambler(http://www.dba-db2.com)


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