ADM12017E - db2 license - add processor

20 December,2008 by Tom Collins


There is a probe , which returns the follwoing message

 MESSAGE : ADM12017E  The number of processors on this machine exceeds the
          defined entitlement of "1" for the product "DB2 Enterprise Server
          Edition". The number of processors on this machine is "2". You should
          purchase additional processor based entitlements from your IBM
          representative or authorized dealer and update your license using the
          License Center or the db2licm command line utility. For more
          information on updating processor based licenses, refer to the Quick
          Beginnings manual for your platform. For more information on the
          db2licm utility, refer to the DB2

db2licm -n "<product Identifier>" "<number of processors>"


if you to find out the number of processors use :
 dmesg | grep "Physical Processor" | awk '{ print $5 }' |sort -nu|wc -l

if you want to find the Product Identifier use :

  db2licm -l

where the Product Identifier is listed

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